Nestforms API examples

For both examples you need to make several steps to get it running:
  1. Create an application in the website.
  2. Add your current test application URL into the application you have created in step 1.
  3. Update the config.php file within this example API to add the Client ID and the Client Secret that you've received in step 1.
  4. Open the index.php in your browser.
Click into one of the links below, you will be redirected to the website (you might be asked to login first) where you will confirm the access level rights and then you will be redirected back to this example application. NestForms is using a standard oAuth authentication process where you will receive a refresh token (valid for 30 days) and access token (valid for 1 hour). Examples below can automatically request an updated Access token when the current one is about to expire.

The example application covers two use cases

Working with Forms, Responses and Custom DB
This example will show you following features:
Remote Login
This example will let you generate a special URL using the API. Then using this URL will allow you to display the NestForms website inside the iframe. This might be useful when for example you want to login your client automatically within your intranet without the need for them to login.